Best Large Dog Breeds For Seniors

What are the best large dog breeds for seniors?

I’m not sure that there is one set answer for this particular question. I think it really depends on the person.

When you are considering getting a pet, there are plenty of questions that you have to ask yourself before making a final decision. I would imagine that you would take your own age into consideration when choosing the right breed of dog for you. For example, it would probably make more sense for an elderly person to choose a dog that doesn’t require heavy duty exercise. I am not implying that all elderly people are inactive, I just think that we can all agree that a younger person should have more energy to be able to accommodate a large dog that needs a lot of exercise. Trust me I have seen my share of lazy young people, but common sense tells me that an older person would do better with a more mellow type of dog. An Anatolian Shepherd would be a great dog for an older person. Anatolian Shepherds are serious, devoted, and very laid back dogs. If it’s easygoing that you are looking for, then the Anatolian Shepherd is great choice!Anatolian Shepherd for senior

Another characteristic that I think most elderly people would be looking for is a good companion. Choosing a large dog breed that also enjoys the company of his/her owner is a good idea. Some dogs like be left alone and some really need to be by their owner. There are plenty of large dog breeds that would make great companions. A Bullmastiff is a devoted companion as well as an excellent guardian too. Which brings me to the next characteristic…watchdog capability.Bullmastiff

A lot of seniors live alone and having a good watchdog is another very common characteristic that elderly people look for when trying to choose the right dog. Large dog breeds sheer size helps when it comes to being intimidating, but some are merely gentle giants. Some of the large dogs that would make good watchdogs are, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweilers and German ShepherdsGerman Shepherds.

Ease of care is another issue that comes up with seniors. A lot of elderly people want a dog that is low maintenance. So when it comes to grooming some of the easiest big dogs to care of are Labrador Retrievers and Great Danes. they both have short coats that need little to no brushing and they don’t require baths that often either.

I’m sure there are going to other characteristics that will help an elderly person choose the best large dog breed for them. However, simply thinking about ones overall lifestyle and some of the issues that I discussed above should certainly be enough to steer anyone in the right direction.

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